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Upside Capital Ventures is a multi-strategy real estate company with holdings in

and around Dutchess, Ulster and Orange Counties. Upstate Capital Ventures aims to

regroup partners who want to increase their annual income and revenue through

passive management investing.

Our target market segment is small multi-family units with adequate cash flow. The

properties will be purchased through a variety of tactics, including but not limited

to private equity, owner financing, 20%-25% cash down, leverage and refinancing.

A capital return to investors will be targeted and any surplus will be

distributed to investors, used to maintain or drive up the value of the assets or

reinvested to purchase additional properties.


With a collective experience of nearly two

decades in the real estate investing and

construction spaces, Richard and Stephen

have a keen awareness of emerging

trends and investment opportunities.

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We focus on partnerships, properties and profits.  We pride ourselves on forming strategic partnerships that connect key stakeholders from both the investment and real estate industries.  Our extensive experience grants us access to prime investment opportunities that create consistent return potential for investors in real estate. 

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